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Anlagen geschlossen
Momentan sind alle Anlagen geschlossen. Den Winterbetrieb nehmen wir Planmäßig am 20.12.2018 auf. Read more...

Hours of operation summer

Hours of operation summer
Knowing the lift hours at the Kolbensattel is the first step in planning your trip… Read more...


Regional Products

Regional Products

Purchasing and Handeling Guidelines for Regional Products

In acquiring all the food, drink, and other goods neccessary to run the Kolbensattel Lodge we adhere to the following purchasing and handeling guidelines.

Formost: Our stated goal is to use regional products as much as possible. As such we’ll inform you over where our products come from and how we use them in our buisness. When products from the following distrbutors are unavailable, or aren’t available in large enough quantities, we substitute these with others purchased through regional vendors therefor insuring that everything we use is kept local as much as possible. Only if all other possiblities fail do we resort to buying outside goods.

We run a seasonal kitchen, meaning we use only products provided to us by nature depending on the time of year, so there are times when not everything is available.

Alcoholich and Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Alcoholich beverages, including mugs etc. come to us from the Closter Brewery Ettal. Our non-alcoholic beverages, as a rule, are also purchesed through the Closter Brewery.

Milk and Cheese Products:
Milk and cheese products are obtained from the Schaukäserei Ammergauer Alps in Ettal.

Sausages and Meats
We buy all our meat products from our local butchers (Gerold Christian and Gerold Sebastian.) Exactly what we get depends on how many animals from the region our butchers can purchase from our farmers and hunters. These are then taken the short trip to the slaughterhouse in Garmish-Partenkirchen, where they are processed and distributed.

Our fish, whether fresh or smoked, come from the ponds of Martin Köpf in Oberammergau or from regional fish farms. In some cases they can also come from the UNSER LAND company.

Bread and Baked Goods
Baked goods and breads of all kinds are bought from the local bakeries Brandmeier and Aurhammer located in the Ammer Valley.

Potatoes are purchased from farmers in the regions of Weilheim-Schongau and Landsberg-Lech or from the UNSER LAND company. We buy organic where possible.

Salads, Vegetables, Canned Goods, and Other Foods
Salads, vegetables, canned goods, and many other foods come to use through regional vendors and from the UNSER LAND company.

We buy our egges from the UNSER LAND company.

Fats and Oils
Cooking fats and oils are bought through regional vendors and from the UNSER LAND company.

Coffee, Cacao, and Tee
Our coffee, cacao, and tee is bought from the family Burkhof Coffee company. These are all fair trade goods.

Grain Products, Flour etc.
Grain products, including flour etc, is bought by us from the UNSER LAND company or from local vendors.

Cakes and Pastries
We try to make all our own cakes and pasteries as much as time allows. When, however, we don’t have enough time, we order them from local backeries.

Ingriedents for the Cakes and Pastries
All the ingredents for the cakes and pastries are bought from local vendors.

Soaps and Cleaning Products
We buy all our soaps, cleaning products and all other non-food items through local vendors. We try to use the most enviormentally friendly products wherever we can.

We try to reduce our waste as much as possible. Because of this, our guests can expect to be served normal sized portions from which little to no leftovers can be expected. If our guests would like more of the dish they ordered (regardless of whether meat or side-dish) they can of course order more without additional costs. This helps us keep expensive ingriedents out of the trash.

Seasonal Kitchen
We use products that can primarily be bought fresh at the market. Fresh fruits and vegetables, grown on local farms, taste all the better due to a shorter travel time between the the farm and the table.

We hope you enjoy your next meal with us!
Your team from the Kolbensattel Lodge

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