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Alle Anlagen geöffnet!

19-06-01 Aktuelles
Alle Anlagen geöffnet!
Alle Anlagen (Alpine Coaster, Kolbensesselbahn und Kolbensattelhütte) haben geöffnet. Der Bergabenteuer-Kinderspielplatz ist in Betrieb! Wir freuen uns auf Euren Besuch!… Read more...

Hours of operation summer

Hours of operation summer
Knowing the lift hours at the Kolbensattel is the first step in planning your trip… Read more...


Alpine Coaster

Alpine Coaster

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Alpine Coaster Oberammergau- the adventurous alpine coaster in a picturesque mountain setting. The world-wide longest weatherproof toboggan run with a magnet system..

Fun and action for the whole family at the new Alpine Aoaster on the Kolbensattel in Oberammergau. Things go downhill from the Kolbensattel Lodge on a 8,530 ft (2,600 m) long slide. With breath-taking views and adventurous curves, it’ll take you all the way down into the valley at speeds up to 25mph (40 kmh) and with an altitude difference of 1,300ft (400m).

The system is rendered especially safe through:

  • 73 bends, 9 jumps, 7 waves,
  • highest point 4m above the ground
  • A modern magnetic break system
  • Break levers on both sides of the cart
  • User-regulated speed up to 25mph
  • Optimized seats with backrest and seat belt

Children ages 3 and up can only ride with a person over 14 years.
Children ages 8 and taller than 4’ 7“ (1,35 m) can ride alone.

01 Fuchs Alpinecoaster

After the ride, there’s a wonderfull playground within sight of the Kolbensattel Lodge, which offers hunger little sledders and hikers delicious delicacies from around the region.

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