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Bis 19.04. geschlossen/closed!
Im Zuge der Corona-Epidemie hat die Bayerische Staatsregierung am 16.03.2020 den Katastrophenfall ausgerufen. Der Betrieb sämtlicher Einrichtungen, die nicht notwendigen… Read more...

Hours of operation summer

Hours of operation summer
Knowing the lift hours at the Kolbensattel is the first step in planning your trip… Read more...


Church Services

Church Services


Highlights under the free sky

The Kolbensattel offers a unique setting for mountain church services.

At 1,270 m above sea level, you can hold alpine masses in the unique natural scenery of the Ammergau Alps, on a site specially reserved for this purpose, away from the hustle and bustle. From the “alpine mass site”, you have a nice view of the valley and the surrounding mountains. The site can be reached in approximately 10 minutes from the mountain station of the Kolben Chair Lift, without obstacles or steps. Therefore, it is also suitable for wheelchair users and persons with mobility problems.

The ascent to the Kolbensattel can be undertaken conveniently with the Kolben Chair Lift or on foot in approximately one hour via a forest road. There are two options for the return to the valley. Those who like things rapid can get into the Alpine Coaster, a weather-resistant toboggan run, that snakes its way into the valley over a distance of 2.6 km. Those who like things calmer can float gently and cozily down with the Kolben Chair Lift.

Culinary enjoyment is ensured at the Kolbensattel Lodge with regional products. There is space for 100 people on the large sun terrace when the weather is good. However, the cozy parlor also offers space for 130 guests. Since the Kolbensattel Lodge is a musician-friendly inn, music groups are also welcome.

As a further attraction, the Kolbensattel offers an alpine adventure playground in direct proximity to the Kolbensattel Lodge. Along with a ride on the Alpine Coaster, we can also offer you an interesting program for an acolyte or parochial trip.

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The reserved times for alpine masses and alpine services in 2020 are entered below:

22.07.2020 / Wednesday / ca. 12:00 a.m. / Augustinum München
01.08.2020 / Saturday / 11:00 a.m. / Evangelisches Pfarramt Oberammergau
08.08.2020 / Saturday / 11:00 a.m. / Evangelisches Pfarramt Oberammergau
15.08.2020 / Saturday / 11:00 a.m. / Evangelisches Pfarramt Oberammergau
22.08.2020 / Saturday / 11:00 a.m./  Evangelisches Pfarramt Oberammergau
29.08.2020 / Saturday / 11:00 a.m./  Evangelisches Pfarramt Oberammergau
05.09.2020 / Saturday / 11:00 a.m./  DAV Pfaffenhofen
13.09.2020 / Sunday   / 11:00 a.m./  Pfarrverband Gräfelfing
20.09.2020 / Sunday   / 11:00 a.m./  Pfarreiengemeinschaft Pähl-Raisting-Wielenbach
26.09.2020 / Saturday / 09:30 a.m./  Männerwallfahrt Seelsorgeeinheit Pfinztal (Karlsruhe)
27.09.2020 / Sunday   / 11:00 a.m./  Pfarrei St. Martin Batzenhofen  

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