Hiker’s Paradise

Hiker’s Paradise

Hiking keeps you young!

Old folk sayings have long held that hiking is good for you. It touchs on something long held as common knowledge and now it’s even been scientifically proven. New studies show: hiking at middle altitudes helps against the so-called „diseases of affluence.“ The reason behind it is Erythropoiesis, a process by which the bodies ability to transport oxygen is bettered by increased red blood cell production.

Hike with us at a variety of levels: leisurly in the valley of Ammer, on the upper path with its fantasic views, or all the way up over the tops of the Ammergauer Alps.

Many paths will lead you to the Kolbensattel and to the Kolbensattel Lodge.

From the valley station to the Kolbensattel Lodgee


Schleifmühlklamm – Kolbensattelhütte

More tours

Circular route from the Kolbensattel lodge via St. Joseph’s Chapel
Easy circular walk over 3 km
Above the Kolbensattel Lodge, one follows the path towards Pürschling. One follows this path as far as the forest road. There, the route goes down to the right, past St. Joseph’s Chapel. At the junction that goes to the right, follow the path back to the Kolbensattel.

Duration: approx. 1 hour

From the Kolbensattel Lodge to the Pürschling
In direct proximity to the Kolbensattel Lodge begins the way to the Pürschling, first as a footpath and later as a gravel road. After 3.4 km and 370 metres in altitude, one reaches the Pürschling at 1,556 m above sea level.

Duration: approx. 1,5 hours

Kolbensattel circular trail
Easy circular walk for 2.6 km
From the Kolbensattel Lodge, the route goes down on the forest road to the junction to the right towards Zahn and Kofel. Follow this path uphill, always towards Kolbensattel. Slightly above the Kolbensattel Lodge, the path leads out of the forest again and there is a magnificent view of the Kolbensattel.

Duration: approx. 1,5 hours

From the Kolbensattel Lodge to the Zahn
Very hard, steep ascent for 1.3 km and exposed terrain.
For experts only!

Duration: approx. 1 hour


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