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Bis 19.04. geschlossen/closed!

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Bis 19.04. geschlossen/closed!
Im Zuge der Corona-Epidemie hat die Bayerische Staatsregierung am 16.03.2020 den Katastrophenfall ausgerufen. Der Betrieb sämtlicher Einrichtungen, die nicht notwendigen… Read more...

Hours of operation summer

Hours of operation summer
Knowing the lift hours at the Kolbensattel is the first step in planning your trip… Read more...


SportScheck Ski Tour Route

SportScheck Ski Tour Route

In cooperation with SportScheck, a well-signposted ski tour route was created, which leads over 400 meters (1,312 feet) of altitude from 850 m (2,789 feet) to 1,270 m (4,166 feet) to the Kolbensattel-Lodge and provides a good overview with information and a safety check.

The "Skitourenroute am Kolben" is the first snow-covered ascent route in the Alps. It leads parallel to the ski slope in the direction of Kolbensattel-Lodge and is reserved for tourers only. In an 18 meter long tunnel, the tour operators cross the ski area on the way to the Kolbensattel-Lodge underground.

Tour Dates
Walking time to the Kolbensattel-Lodge: 1 to 1.5 hours
Distance: 2.5 km
Altitude: 400 m
Recommended ski tour map: DAV-Karte BY7, Ammergebirge Ost
Difficulty level: easy
Ski Touring Equipment: If you climb up to the Zahn, you need avalanche beeper, shovel and probe as well as 
avalanche skills Condition: ** Orientation: * Experience: *** Landscape: **** Route: Talstation Kolbensesselbahn (Oberammergau) - ascent via the "ski touring route on the Kolben" - Kolbensattel-Lodge -
descent via the ski slope back to the starting point.
Supplement for advanced and conditional strong
: ascent from the Kolbensattel-Lodge to the summit of the Zahn -
descent via the Stockhang and the ski slope into the valley.
With an optimized line, the route runs parallel to the ski slope. Thanks to snow cannons, the ski tour fun lasts the whole winter. 

Three evenings a week, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, the Kolbensattel Lodge is open until 11 p.m. (from 07. Jan. 2020)


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